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We are Medicine (Event)

We are Medicine (Event)

During this year’s Burning Man I was fortunate enough to spend time with Jôopek during one of his workshops. His sincerity, wisdom and love really moved me so I invited him to my home to host an event for my friends. I’m excited to co-host this transformational event that I’m certain will have a lasting impression on those that participate. The event is limited to 15 guests. We have four spots still open. If you’d like to join us, please email me at kalin.moon at gmail.com


A private healing retreat lead by Jôopek.


A three day and two night invitation-only vision-seeking and cleanse-oriented healing retreat in nature and community - practicing breath, meditation and sacred medicines with Jôopek. The retreat is designed for those looking to heal and grow through letting go, expanding consciousness, connecting with nature and reconnecting with yourself. You’ll benefit from increased energy, clearer thinking, healing trauma, and improved mood. This will be a transformational weekend for those ready to live their best lives..


October 18th, 19th and 20th.


Private residence 60-minutes North of Manhattan.

About the property - “Camp Moon” is located on a rustic eight acres with a creek running through the property and a mountain bordering the property. Camp features gourmet kitchen, sun room, hot tub, screened in porch, swimming pool, two fire pits, all within a modern home. You're going to feel immediately comfortable and at peace here.

WHO IS Jôopek?

Born in Eastern Europe, living nomadically around South and Central America for the last 16 years, Jôopek (Fire) or Yapu, studied the Power Plant & Animal Medicines with Indigenous Shamans and Mestizo Curanderos in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico. Closely connected to Ancestral Amazonian Cleanse and Harmonizing, his highly interactive and participative ceremonies include Talking Circles, SOMA & Rebirth Breathwork sessions and scientific support coming from his background as a Psychologist and Life Coach, Kundalini Practitioner.


  • Accommodations - shared sleeping, shared bathroom, and all meals. 

  • Each guest will be provided with their own cot, sleeping bag, and pillow in shared sleeping space inside the main house or yurt on property - their option. 

  • Plant based breakfast, lunch and dinner by Chef Orson Salicetti 

  • Elixirs by Plant Potion

  • Cleansing and Vision Ceremonies with plant medicine.


  • Breathwork lead by Jôopek

  • Rapeh and tobacco circles lead by Jôopek

  • Fireside power animal circles lead by Jôopek

  • Morning meditations and nature hikes lead by Kalin Moon

  • Medicinal Elixir workshop lead by Orson

  • Daytime Individual Cleanse 

  • Downtime. Pool, art/painting, indoor games, individual work.

  • Grounding and Power Animal Circle

  • Nighttime Mother Medicine Ceremony


  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking. 

  • Comfortable clothes for sleeping. 

  • Personal bathroom supplies.

  • Instruments for sound healing and medicine music circles (optional) 


It’s very important that if you’re considering taking any of the medicine (completely optional)  with us that you do not eat any meat, dairy or sugar 24hrs prior to arriving. Also be sure to drink at least one gallon of water the day prior to arrival. Recap...eat no meat, sugar or dairy and drink lots of water prior to joining us. 


$350 per night, Friday or Saturday (noon to noon) 

$600 for three days and two nights (Friday noon to Sunday noon) 

My final request.

My final request.