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Embracing simplicity…

Embracing simplicity…

At times, the biggest challenge in embracing simplicity will be the vague feeling of isolation that comes with it, since private sacrifice doesn’t garner much attention in the frenetic world of mass culture. - Rolf Potts, Vagabonding

Ever since moving outside of the City into the woods two years ago I’ve started valuing a few things differently - space, time and silence. It’s blows mind how simple and powerful (not to mention free!) these commodities are. I really had my priorities messed up while living in New York City which lead to a really unhealthy lifestyle. The City can take a massive toll on you physically, mentally and spiritually if you let it. It’s really draining.

If you’re not taking regular breaks from what I call “static” (noise, people, hard lines, traffic, hustle, tight spaces) then break free from your daily routine and get out in a wide open space of silence. Turn off your phone and your brain. Embrace the simplicity.

Walk barefoot. Take deep breathes. Close your eyes. Watch the sunset. Watch the stars. Damn. It feels good.

The longer you do it, the easier it will get and the more of an impact it will have.

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