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Chasing Waterfalls: There are no short cuts.

Chasing Waterfalls: There are no short cuts.

Hawaii - 2019

Hawaii - 2019

Everyone wants the beautiful waterfall. What are you willing to do to get it?

This particular waterfall is hidden in Maui Hawaii. There are no maps, excursions, paths or guides to it. In fact, the locals don’t ever want you to find it...and if they spot you along the way you’ll be sorry. If you’re lucky enough to befriend a local and given it’s name, it’s a good start.

Wile there was many markers and indicators I MAY be on a path to it, at no point was there any clear indication I was on the right path. All I knew is that if I followed this body of water there was a 100% chance I’d run into it....as long as I was going in the right direction - upstream or downstream I wasn’t sure. Of course if I was going in the wrong direction there was a 100% chance I’d never find it.

So, as with much of my life, I rolled the dice. After about five hours of hiking uphill through slippery and muddy terrain I finally came around a bend to the most amazing site. One of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen - it looked man made it was so perfect.

What I felt in that moment was 1) immediate relief that I took the right path and 2) accomplishment. Those two feelings stick with you. But what really leaves a lasting impression is the journey.

The journey wasn’t Instagramable. No one cares about that, because it isn’t pretty. It’s full of dirt, misquotes, scrapes, bruises, sweat, mud, and the unknown. Did I leave out swearing, self doubt and panic? Ya, that too. By the time you arrive to your destination there will be nothing left in the tank. You’ll be out of food, water, energy and patience. And because of this - most will quit. Some will even give up right before the bend (unknowingly).

Everyone want’s the waterfall (aka success, their dreams) but most won’t put in the work. Some will even be dropped off from a helicoptor just to take a quick photo for Instagram but did they really see the waterfall? I’m afraid not.

Case in point: Through my years of thinking outside the box and competing with companies with much larger budgets and resources than I ever had, I’ve learned that there are a lot of people that feel they can steal/borrow/imitate an idea and be successful. Here’s why these people have failed. An idea is not valuable. What’s also not valuable is a contact list, a space, or a name (all of these have been “borrowed” from me).

What IS valuable is the execution of that idea. In other words, it’s the people behind that idea/list/space/name that put in the TIME and WORK to create it from day one. These people truly understand and appreciate the idea/waterfall. And these are the people who will find the most success in it.


Lessons Learned: Here’s the beauty of chasing a waterfall (or anything) and finding it…

  • No one can take the process away from you.

  • No one can take from you the muscle (mental and physical) you gained during the journey.

  • The experience is where the real treasure lies. It’s not in the photo or credit.

  • The only people that will ever truly understand and appreciate the waterfall are those that took that journey themselves.

  • Love the process! Love the dirt. Love the scrapes. God…this is where the magic happens.

My first (and last) Burning Man.

My first (and last) Burning Man.

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