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My 60-day challenge begins now! (Join me.)

My 60-day challenge begins now! (Join me.)

From Sept 14th to November 14th I will embark on my most difficult challenge…ever. Both mental, spiritual and physical. I will be tested.

Goals: Optimize my health to live a longer life, have a better relationship with myself and the ones I love, and regain an appreciation for money so I can use it to better my families life. Want nothing - be content. Become disciplined and the man deserving of the woman and life I dream of.

No Spend: Only spend money on bills, gas/public transport (no Uber) and prepped meals (no dinning out). *Pay off all debt including taxes.

Detox: Colonic, then seven day juice detox followed by 48-hour water fast. Then eat clean - no processed foods.

Daily: Skin and hair regimen, work out for one hour, read and write for one hour. Organize life. Set goals. Learn to say “no”.

No Sex/Dating: Date yourself. Spend time looking inward, vs outward/physical for purpose and satisfaction. Start with “silent retreat” - five days of no electronics, no music and no speaking to anyone.

*Need to find 2-3 people to hold me accountable with regular check ins. I can’t do this on my own.

My final request.

My final request.

Excuses vs. Reality