Hello, my name is Kalin Moon.

Yes, that’s my real name. No I didn’t legally change my name. I either had really cool parents or parents who wanted me to develop thick skin growing up in Central New York. I think both.

I reside in New York City but the only time I ever truly feel at home is with my family. I’m a serial entrepreneur with projects in hospitality, marketing and wellness. Basically, I can work from anywhere, so I spend as much time as I can traveling. Most of my wanderlust centers around nature. You’ll find a lot of reflections in my blog on love, health and adventure.

Love being relationships. Heath encompassing spiritual, mental and physical wellness. As for adventure…that’s pretty much anything that gets me outdoors and moving.

While this website is all about me, it’s intended for you. The average person that’s going through similar stuff as myself. I hope that my life experience can help or inspire someone out there.

Thanks for dropping in. Here’s to creating the lives we dream of!


My journey...and lessons learned along the way.